Roller derby Christmas gifts

Here are some great roller derby gift ideas

A subscription to Fiveonfive

Customizable Pivotstar trackstar hoodie

Derby or die water bottle

Derby skinz in a variety of colours and patterns

Skate cardigan by Wicked Skatewear

Custom helmet sticker with your name and number

A subscription to Inside Line magazine

Gumball toe stops

Antik AR1 skate package

Bad Ass socks


Merry Christmas!


Roller derby: the battle of the sexes?

Yesterday I went to watch my first men vs women bout. London Rockin’ Rollers’ A Team played newly-formed men’s league Southern Discomfort Roller Derby in the UK’s first public battle of the sexes on roller skates.

The game was both exciting and brutal. There was a lot of speculation about whether the SDRD men would be holding back but it definitely didn’t look like they were at all, especially after the LRR ladies established a big lead from very early on in the game.

Both teams played well but LRR’s experience really shone through and they were strategically much stronger on the track. SDRD formed some very strong walls and could hold back LRR’s jammers but LRR were very successful at shutting them down and getting their jammers through.

LRR proved themselves to be so strong that they were taking hits from men much bigger then them and often stayed on their feet. Some of LRR’s jammers were particularly resilient. I couldn’t help feeling smug when  saw some of LRR’s blockers like The Mighty Mighty Bash landing some nice hits on the men and knocking them over. The women were relentless, they were incredibly tough and kept going and going after being knocked down hard.

In the end, SDRD were most let down by the number of penalties they picked up during the game, leaving the track open for LRR to rack up points in power jams. SDRD had 3 skaters ejected from the game. SDRD skated extremely well for such a new league but they would have benefited a lot more from spending less time in the penalty box.

SDRD showed great sportmanship because even though there was a huge difference in scores, they still played their hardest till the very end. They never gave up and at the end they were full of hugs and smiles for the women. All the skaters looked like they were really enjoying themselves, even though it must have been a very demanding game.

The final score was London Rockin’ Rollers 218 – 102 Southern Discomfort

Roller Derby World Cup

It’s finally here! The event we have been waiting all year for: the very first Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup starts today in Toronto, Canada. Oh, how I wish I could be there to see it live but for those of us unable to hop on a plane, here is the bout schedule so you can watch all the action on DNN.

This is a link to the live coverage:

The groups:

Group A


Group B


Group C

New Zealand

Group D


Today and tomorrow, each team will play the other teams in their bracket before going n to the elimination rounds on Saturday and Sunday.

The following bout schedule is based on local time in Toronto. If you are watching in the UK, the time there is 5 hours behind.

Thursday Dec 1st

5:00pm EST Team France v Team Canada
5:30pm EST Team Germany v Team Australia
6:15pm EST Team Argentina v Team Ireland
6:45pm EST Team USA v Team New Zealand
7:45pm EST Team Brasil v Team Sweden
8:00pm EST Team Australia v Team Finland
9:00pm EST Team USA A v Team USA B

Friday Dec 2nd

9:30am EST Team Ireland v Team England
10:00am EST Team Scotland v Team New Zealand
10:45am EST Team Canada v Team Sweden
11:15am EST Team Germany v Team Finland
12:00pm EST Team Brasil v Team France
12:30pm EST Team USA v Team Scotland
1:30pm EST Team Argentina v Team England
2:00pm EST Team Sweden v Team France
2:45pm EST Team Canada v Team Brasil
5:30pm EST Seed 4 v Seed 13
6:00pm EST Seed 5 v Seed 12
7:30pm EST Seed 6 v Seed 11
8:00pm EST Seed 7 v Seed 10

Saturday Dec 3rd

9:30am EST Seed 8 v Seed 9
10:00am EST Loser of game 1 v Loser of game 2
11:30am EST Winner of game 1 v Winner of game 2
11:30am EST To Be Announced v
1:00pm EST To Be Announced v
1:30pm EST Seed 1 v Winner of game 5
2:30pm EST Seed 3 v Winner of game 3
3:30pm EST Seed 2 v Winner of game 4
4:30pm EST To Be Announced v
5:30pm EST To Be Announced v
6:00pm EST To Be Announced v
7:00pm EST To Be Announced v

Sunday Dec 4th

10:30am EST To Be Announced v
11:00am EST To Be Announced v
12:30pm EST To Be Announced v
1:00pm EST To Be Announced v
2:30pm EST To Be Announced v
4:30pm EST To Be Announced v

Go Team England!!!!!!